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Debris Field

A physics based arena shooter with roguelike elements · By Binary Nomad


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Alpha 14: Music, Performance, Polish
We skipped a couple versions on the way, but this update is a pretty big milestone that includes a lot of work accumulated through several previous unreleased b...
6 files
Alpha 12.5: New enemy spawning and in game options menu
For this update, I refactored how enemy spawning works. Now, instead of enemies spawning on top of you, enemies are spawned around the level, and will attack wh...
6 files
Update 12: Full game loop
It's update time once again! For this update, I have added the final level and a proper victory screen. This means that the primary game loop is complete now co...
6 files
Update 11: GDEX and Performance
This will be the first of several performance and bugfixing focused updates, as I move towards trying to optimize the game in preparation for the content phase...
6 files
Update 10: Music
With this update, I have added a new soundtrack by the prolific Loco Lobo . Along with this, I added some volume controls for music and sound effects. The setti...
6 files
Update 9: Weapon swapping
This update, in addition to the large scale refactor I discussed in the last blog post, adds the ability to swap to different weapons over the course of the gam...
6 files
Hey there, I just wanted to talk about what I've been up to lately, and some changes in direction that I will be implementing over the next couple updates. The...
Update 8: Narrative and Streamlined level flow
This is a pretty comprehensive update, the biggest change is that the level flow of each level has been streamlined: instead of visiting the same 3 different st...
6 files
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