Alpha 14: Music, Performance, Polish

We skipped a couple versions on the way, but this update is a pretty big milestone that includes a lot of work accumulated through several previous unreleased builds.

Alpha 14 adds, music, composed by Loco Lobo, as well as some new graphical effects and general polish. The overall story presentation, while still in progress, has shifted more towards short in level messages that also explain some of the mechanics as you play. 

However, most of the work has gone into behind the scenes improvements. Projectiles and effects now use object pooling, resulting in a significant performance boost. AI has gotten a lot of work, making them both smarter and also more performant.

There has been a ton of refactoring on various systems to make them work more more consistently. While the benefits of this aren't immediately visible, it will vastly speed of the pace of development going forward.

Hopefully I'll see you when we get there!

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Version 38 Sep 20, 2018 114 MB
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Version 38 Sep 20, 2018 77 MB
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Version 31 Sep 20, 2018

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