Update 9: Weapon swapping

This update, in addition to the large scale refactor I discussed in the last blog post, adds the ability to swap to different weapons over the course of the game.  Weapons can drop from enemies, and can also be bought from a new weapon crate, which for now is just an orange variant of the original crate.

Important Note:
To swap to a new weapon, you have to hit the interact button (E by default) when near it. Doing so causes you to drop your current weapon, so you can always switch back if you want. Also, previously purchased upgrades are applied to any new weapon, so you don't have to worry about losing them.

Along with this change, I have reworked the ship selection process. Now, instead of choosing your ship and weapons, you choose from different ships with a preset loadout of weapons, with the intention of upgrading them over the course of the game. I definitely plan on adding a greater variety of weapons to find over the course of the game, as well as a larger variety of unshockable starting ships with a more unique set of weapons. For now, I would appreciate any feedback about the new gameplay loop, regarding things like balance, and any issues you encounter.


debris-field-win-beta.zip 106 MB
Version 22 Sep 17, 2017
debris-field-osx-beta.zip 112 MB
Version 22 Sep 17, 2017
debris-field-linux-beta.zip 136 MB
Version 16 Sep 17, 2017
debris-field-win-demo.zip 70 MB
Version 22 Sep 17, 2017
debris-field-osx-demo.zip 76 MB
Version 22 Sep 17, 2017
debris-field-linux-demo.zip 96 MB
Version 15 Sep 17, 2017

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