Update 8: Narrative and Streamlined level flow

This is a pretty comprehensive update, the biggest change is that the level flow of each level has been streamlined: instead of visiting the same 3 different stations each level, you now only need to visit one unique station per level, each with a somewhat different objective that are related to the story.

To that end, I reworked the hyperspace / loading screen to now include short narrative sections in the form of emails from your mysterious employer that explain your objectives, as well as giving some context to your actions. I will be expanding on this in coming updates, as I add new levels and discoverable lore., but for now feel free to send any feedback regarding any grammar or spelling errors you find.

In addition to that, I've added a new level, and lots of general polish to scene transitions, with sound effects and screen flashes. Also, stations can now have a countdown to activation, during which enemies spawn faster and become much stronger.

For the next update, I will be focusing more on content, adding new levels (including possible alternative levels) new enemies, new weapons reworking and adding new upgrade modules, and new unique stations / hazards for each level.

I've also decided to lower the price for the full version, so look out for that as well.


debris-field-win-beta.zip 107 MB
Version 20 Aug 03, 2017
debris-field-osx-beta.zip 114 MB
Version 20 Aug 03, 2017
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Version 14 Aug 03, 2017
debris-field-win-demo.zip 71 MB
Version 21 Aug 03, 2017
debris-field-osx-demo.zip 77 MB
Version 21 Aug 03, 2017
debris-field-linux-demo.zip 97 MB
Version 14 Aug 03, 2017

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