Update 11: GDEX and Performance

This will be the first of several performance and bugfixing focused updates, as I move towards trying to optimize the game in preparation for the content phase of development. In addition to improved performance in the main menu and a lower performance hit when firing projectiles. I also fixed the saving and loading of volume, which will now persists between game sessions.

I recently participated at GDEX, the ohio game developers exposition, and while demoing my game it became clear that debris field had serious performance problems on weaker hardware. I was eventually able to track the cause of the problem down to unity's garbage collector. In short, I have to be more efficient about creating and destroying game assets. Additionally, I need to be more mindful of when I am loading assets to make sure it doesn't interfere with gameplay.

Once I have finishing reworking all the needed systems, I will have a lot more room to start adding new content and expanding on mechanics without worrying about how they will effect the games performance.

Next on the to do list is to work on preloading level assets at the start of the game, which should improve load times between levels.


debris-field-win-beta.zip 107 MB
Version 31 Oct 03, 2017
debris-field-osx-beta.zip 114 MB
Version 31 Oct 03, 2017
debris-field-linux-beta.zip 137 MB
Version 25 Oct 03, 2017
debris-field-win-demo.zip 71 MB
Version 31 Oct 03, 2017
debris-field-osx-demo.zip 77 MB
Version 31 Oct 03, 2017
debris-field-linux-demo.zip 97 MB
Version 24 Oct 03, 2017

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