Arbitrary Update 7: Reworked game flow

I have arbitrarily decided that this version of the game will be called alpha 0.7, and I will be continuing the naming scheme from there.

With this update, I've made a pretty big change to the overall flow of the game, which will lead to a much shorter amount of time spent in each level.

Essentially, now instead of each level having the same 3 objectives that must be activated, those 3 objectives are now spread out over 3 levels, so each level only has 1. This means that it takes significantly less time to go through a level, but exploring for upgrades is still recommended. Levels are also smaller then they were before,  so it's much faster to traverse them.

Of course, all of this is subject to tweaking. for example, eventually I will likely remove the scrap cost of repairing the stations entirely, and instead make a boss spawn, or something like that.

Finally, I will be adding a few more levels with their own unique objective and overall theme, so there are more interesting things to explore.

Feel free to tell me what you think of the changes on the forum!

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