Update 10: Music

With this update, I have added a new soundtrack by the prolific Loco Lobo.

Along with this, I added some volume controls for music and sound effects. The settings aren't persistent currently, but that will be fixed in later versions.

There are also several general changes:

  • Weapon pickups have an interaction indicator.
  • Modules have descriptions, and generally reworked functions.
  • A couple of new modules have been added.
  • Added a slight reduction in rotation speed when firing, to help with aiming.
  • There is now a visual effect when you crit, and critical strikes in general are properly implemented.
  • Added more story content.
  • Refined  menus

From here on out, I will be working primarily on bugfixing and polish in preparation for the upcoming steam release. Feel free to send me any feedback about balance or bugs you find, either here on the Itch.IO community page or at binarynomadllc@gmail.com.


debris-field-win-beta.zip 107 MB
Version 26 Sep 23, 2017
debris-field-osx-beta.zip 114 MB
Version 26 Sep 23, 2017
debris-field-linux-beta.zip 137 MB
Version 20 Sep 23, 2017
debris-field-win-demo.zip 71 MB
Version 26 Sep 23, 2017
debris-field-osx-demo.zip 77 MB
Version 26 Sep 23, 2017
debris-field-linux-demo.zip 97 MB
Version 19 Sep 23, 2017

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