Turrets and Explosions

Hello once again, I've got another update for you. This time around, I made some changes to turrets; They now have physics, so you can push them around. Targeting is also improved, so turrets will target other turrets, and missiles should more consistently chase their targets.

I also added the ability for explosions to damage and knockback anything within a radius. The effect isn't really noticeable at this point, but I will be adding more effects that take advantage of it in the future.

Finally, I updated to the latest version of Unity, and implemented the new post processing stack, which allows for better looking bloom and some performance improvements, as well as changed the menu theme to create a consistent color style. 

One of the behind the scenes changes I made should allow for weapon swapping during the game, so in the next update I will be adding the ability to find and equip new weapons over the course of a run,  and limiting the starting weapons to just basic versions of weapons.

This build should be pretty stable, but feel free to let me know if I've broken anything, as well as give me any feedback you have.



debris-field-win-beta.zip 107 MB
Version 13 Jun 07, 2017
debris-field-osx-beta.zip 114 MB
Version 13 Jun 07, 2017
debris-field-linux-beta.zip 137 MB
Version 7 Jun 07, 2017
debris-field-win-demo.zip 71 MB
Version 14 Jun 07, 2017
debris-field-osx-demo.zip 77 MB
Version 14 Jun 07, 2017
debris-field-linux-demo.zip 97 MB
Version 7 Jun 07, 2017

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